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Metallic Purple Lingerie Chest

Dixie Belle has a product called Moonshine Metallics and they are so amazing, by themselves or mixed with other metallics and/or paint. On this piece, I've mixed up a custom purple (already on hand from previous projects) and added in the Moonshine Metallic in Caribbean. My custom purple metallic is 50/50 Moonshine Metallics in Pacific and Honky Tonk Red.

This piece was previously painted and had crackle on it, so for prep I had to sand (and sand and sand) that very hard crackle off. Before the crackle, it had been painted in two other types of chalk type paint and those reactivated with water/white lightning. So I decided to apply BOSS in Gray.

This finish is super easy to achieve...I simply painted the entire body with my custom purple metallic, then "grunged" with the Caribbean Metallic. For the top and the hardware, I applied a coat of Driftwood and then added the Silver Metallic over that, to keep with the metallic theme. The hardware needed only one coat of metallic, the top needed two.

Side note: for the top, I used a very damp brush to start with the Silver Bullet. Do not overwork your metallics. I made sure I had a good amount of paint on my brush and I did mist the top as needed to keep the metallics moving until I liked the look.

I finished up by sealing the entire piece with Clear Coat Satin, to keep the shimmer of the metallics as shimmery as possible...I didn't want to mute them with a flat clear coat.

Voila! Look at that shine!

To recap:

Dixie Belle Products for the piece:

-White Lightning

-Gray Boss

-Purple Metallic (50/50 Honky Tonk Red and Pacific Moonshine Metallic

-Moonshine Metallic in Caribbean


-Moonshine Metallic in Silver Bullet

-Clear Coat Satin

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

Full YouTube Video for you here again:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do

earn a small commission when you use it**


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