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Rustic Cabinet makeover with Dixie Belle Paint

Let's do a rustic cabinet makeover using bright oranges, dark colors and the patina line!

Here's where we are going....

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And here's what we are starting with....

The first thing I do, and THE most important step to prepping your furniture, is to properly clean all the dirt and grime off. I used a premixed bottle of White Lightning and water and spray the piece down generously in sections and let it sit for a few seconds. Then, I take a finishing pad that has been cut into a small square and scrub the piece while the white lightning is on it. You'll wipe that off with a shop towel. You'll want to rinse off your white lightning residue well, so then I spray with a water bottle mixed with 50/50 ratio of white distilled vinegar and water. You'll wipe this off with a shop towel too. This piece was a bleeder and I could tell by my shop towel...every time I wiped, I got dirty grime. So I applied Gray BOSS to prevent those bleed throughs and now we are ready to create!

I knew I was going to use the Patina Line on the hardware to give them a rusty patina, so before painting, I applied Prime Start on the hardware. When you're using the Patina Line, any metal surface that you will use the paint AND spray on needs to be protected from the chemical reaction of the two. It can corrode your metal over time. There is no need to use Prime Start on wood.

I started with a base coat of Florida Orange. While that dried, I mixed up a custom charcoal black color using 60% Midnight Sky and 40% Stormy Seas. I wanted to match the color Black Sands in the Silk line, using chalk mineral paint.

On the second coat, I started at the top with Florida Orange and worked fast. As I got the area covered with Florida Orange, I dipped the same brush into the lids of Terracotta and Rusty Nail in random spots and blended them into the Florida Orange. Some spots are perfectly blended and some are not...I was not particular on the blends; I just wanted some dimension. As I worked my way down to the bottom of the piece, I grabbed a new brush and began to add in the custom charcoal color and blended it into the orange. I grabbed my paint brush that I used for the oranges and randomly dry brushed some of the orange over the charcoal, then somewhat blended that into the charcoal....again, for dimension. While my paint was wet, I misted my vinegar water over the entire piece for a few drips and a subtle weathered look on the paint finish and let it dry organically....meaning no heat gun.

Once my paint finish was where I liked it, I took an artist brush and applied the Iron Patina Paint over the hardware. I do not brush the paint on....I dab it on making sure there is a little texture. While the Iron Patina Paint was wet, I doused the paint with the Green Patina Spray, letting the spray run wherever it wanted on the piece. This combination creates rust. When I was done with the paint and the spray, I took my brush and drug a bit of the patina paint down from the hardware and sprayed again. The Patina takes time to turn, especially the I left this overnight to do it's thing!

When the patina was finished, I took a damp rag and wiped back the powder residue and spritzed Easy Peasy Spray wax over it, to do a quick seal over the patina. This same process was done to the door pulls that had been taken off the piece.

On to the top, I painted 2 coats of the custom charcoal black. Once dry, I took my 2" beveled, stiff putty knife and applied a very small amount of Florida Orange over the corners and edges. While still wet, I took a chip brush and wiped over the Florida Orange to smear it a little, making it look weathered as well.

I applied 2 coats of Clear Coat Flat over the entire piece and added one coat of Gator Hide over the top and that was it! BUT, the inside of the cabinet needed attention too...

I cleaned the inside with my vinegar water solution then took an Applicator Pad and Big Mommas Butta in Flannel and covered every square inch of the inside. I let the Butta sit for roughly 5 minutes, then wiped back and buffed with a clean applicator pad. The wood was clean and conditioned and smelled AMAZING! I also applied the Butta to the wood on the back of the piece!


GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

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