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Boho Dresser makeover with Dixie Belle Paint, Belles and Whistles Stencils and Woodubend Mouldings

This dresser makeover was so fun to create using WoodUbend, Dixie Belle Paint and new Belles and Whistles stencils!

Here's where we are going....

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And here's what we are starting with....

The first thing I do, and THE most important step to prepping your furniture, is to properly clean all the dirt and grime off. I used a premixed bottle of White Lightning and water and spray the piece down generously in sections and let it sit for a few seconds. Then, I take a finishing pad that has been cut into a small square and scrub the piece while the white lightning is on it. You'll wipe that off with a shop towel. You'll want to rinse off your white lightning residue well, so then I spray with a water bottle mixed with 50/50 ratio of white distilled vinegar and water. You'll wipe this off with a shop towel too. Now we are ready to create!

First thing, I applied Woodubend #1388-9 and #1213. The pair of #1388-9 went on either side of the pulls on the top drawer and I added #1213 in the center of the bottom skirt. When using Woodubend, you start by warming up the moulding with a heat gun, blow dryer or griddle. Be careful to keep the heat moving and evenly dispersed so to not char you moulding. Woodubend has all the properties of wood...meaning they can be sanded, drilled, stained, etc and can get charred as well. Once heated up and bendy, apply a layer of Titebond Wood Glue to the back, covering the entire surface. You can apply with an artist brush or finger. Place the moulding where you want it on your piece and press firmly. Some glue may squeeze out of the sides and this is want this. It means that the moulding and surface has enough glue for adherence and is expelling the excess. Heat your moulding on your piece again with a heat gun or blow dryer, and continue to press down until cooled off. Do not worry about pressing too hard, the moulding will spring back into form as it cools down. You can clean up the excess glue with a wet artist brush, q-tip, baby wipe or tooth pick.

I painted the frame of the dresser in two coats of straight Rustic Red. On the drawers, I did 2 coats each of Evergreen, Kudzu and Mint Julep, creating an ombre effect going lightest color to darkest color on each drawer from top to bottom. Before the paint dried, I spritzed each drawer with a thin layer of 50/50 vinegar and water to create a distressed, spider web affect on the paint. I didn't paint the top until last, we'll talk about that later.

Once dry, I applied each of the 3 new stencils on each drawer. I used the Tea Towel Floral, Lotus Boom and Cozy Sweater. I applied Rusty Nail with a cut up blue applicator sponge and worked quickly. By the time I covered the surface, some of the paint was dry and some was wet and the coverage was sparse in areas and heavy in areas. While wet, I spritzed more of the vinegar water mix to create some drips and to separate the paint in the areas where it was applied more heavily. I used a heat gun to stop the drips when it was where I wanted it and to dry it completely.

I used my finger to apply Gemstone Mousse in Garnet over the raised areas of each of the Woodubend Mouldings. I knew I was going to grunge the piece, so I wanted the mousse on first to make it appear worn and weather like the rest of the piece. When using Gemstone Mousse, you need to stir it very well, whipping it into a mousse like consistency. You can also add a few drops of any clear coat to help with the drying time. I let my mousse dry for a full day. You can then lightly buff.

Once the mousse was fully dry and buffed, I applied 2 coats of Black Glaze over the entire piece. I didn't apply with a straight back and forth method, I swirled and applied in a sporadic manner.

After the glaze was dry, I applied Best Dang Wax in Brown to the corners and edges of the drawers and around the sides, paying extra attention to the Woodubend Mouldings. I let the wax sit for 20 minutes, then took an applicator pad and buffed back.

For the top of the piece, I applied Woodubend Moulding #1259 to the very back. I then mixed Chocolate and Sea Spray until I got a cake batter consistency. I used a chip brush to pounce the mixture on to the top, created small peaks in the process. Sea Spray is a great option to use to hide small imperfections on the surface. I also brushed the mixture on the large Woodubend as well.

Sea Spray can take a while to dry, you'll just have to keep checking back on it. A good way to tell if it's dry, is if you place your hand over it and if it feels cool to the touch, it's still wet. If it feels room temperature, it is dry. If you're pouncing your sea spray mixture I recommend using a brush that you don't mind getting possibly ruined. 99% of the time I use a chip brush for this method. It can harm your bristles unless you've got a great wire brush and comb to clean your brush. You'll need to let it soak in water immediately after use. Let it soak and pour the water out in your yard, do NOT rinse down your drain. Once you've got the majority of the sea spray off your brush after soaking, then you can wash with your scrubby soap.

Once dry, I took Bronze Patina Paint and applied it with a blue applicator sponge with the pouncing method again. I covered the top and the Woodubend Moulding. Once this was all dry, I applied the Garnet Gemstone Mousse with an artist brush only hitting the raised areas on the Woodubend Moulding.

For the hardware, I cleaned well with White Lightning and rinsed with vinegar water. I applied the Chocolate and Sea Spray mixture the same way....the pouncing method and let dry. I then painted on the Bronze Patina Paint.

To finish her up, I used the Bronze Gilding Wax to accentuate the Mouldings on the dresser and make the hardware appear smudged and grunged out.

I did not seal this piece since it had been glazed, waxed and the top was patina paint. You could definitely top coat if you wished!


GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do

earn a small commission when you use it. This is not a paid promotion of any sort**


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