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How to Use Dixie Belle Paint's Patina Line for a Rustic transformation on Home Decor

Watch and learn how to get a Patina Finish on home decor that no longer matches my existing decor! It's so easy to do and you can use these Dixie Belle products on virtually anything! This DIY project is simple, yet astonishing in the end!

Here's where we are going....


First, apply 2 coats of Dixie Belle's Slick Stick and let dry for 24 hours. Then you'll put a base coat of Dixie Belle Blue (this color matches one of the activated Patina paint colors in case you miss a spot!)

Once dry, take a Blue Applicator Sponge and cut into quarters. You'll use 3 of these to apply your Patina Paint.

I started with the Patina Paint in Bronze, dabbing the paint on for texture in random spots. I then went in with the Patina Paint in Copper with a fresh Applicator Sponge piece. Work'll need to apply the Patina Spray while the Patina Paint is wet! I then sprayed the Patina Spray in Blue and Green and let sit for 12 hours. **Note: you need to mix and shake all of the products VERY good before use**

Once the Patina Paint and Patina Spray had activated fully, then I went in with the same process, except for I applied the Patina Paint in Iron and used the Patina Spray in Green only. This creates a rusty finish! I let this dry for 12 hours as well and then sealed with 2 coats of Easy Peasy Spray Wax. The Easy Peasy Spray Wax dries in roughly 10-15 minutes so you can fully seal relatively quick! **Note: shake the Easy Peasy Spray Wax until you hear no more fluids moving in the bottle. You'll need to do this before each application**

Boom! Done! So easy to do, a weekend project that takes little time to work on! The majority of it is dry time!

To recap:

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do

earn a small commission when you use it. This is not a paid promotion of any sort**


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