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How to Restore and Refinish the Insides of Furniture

The insides of vintage furniture can be tricky....previous owners could have replaced drawer bottoms, accidentally stained them or they are super scratched up from the use over time. Luckily, there is a way to restore the insides with Dixie Belle Products and make them smell DELICIOUS at the same time! I'll walk you through my steps...

Here's the drawer we are working on, before any treatment. Make sure you vacuum out well and clean with vinegar water. Let the wood dry thoroughly.

You can see how the wood is discolored and mismatched for whatever reason. I like the drawers to look fresh and new and here's how!

First, I decide which scent I want to use out of Dixie Belle's Big Mommas Butta. There are two options: Suzanne's Garden and Orange Grove. Big Momma's Butta will recondition the wood and make it smell yummy at the same time. There is also an unscented option if you don't want your piece to have a scent, but have the same results.

For this piece, I chose Orange Grove. Now the trick is, to add just a tiny bit of No Pain Gel Stain to your Butta so you can condition AND stain at the same time! For this one, I used Colonial Black.

Once you've added your No Pain Gel Stain, stir WELL and get all the chunks of Butta broken up. You can see the chunks below...get those broken up and a smooth blended mixture. You can break up with a plastic fork....I just mash the chunks on the side of the can as I stir.

Next I cut a strip of Dixie Belle's finishing pad to use to apply this mixture. The finishing pad will "sand" your drawer bottom at the same time, making is smooth as silk. Now you're ready to apply! Just take a small amount of the mixture and work in sections to ensure you're getting an even stain/butta coverage.

Once you have applied all over the inside (and outside too if you'd like) let it soak in for a few minutes, then you'll want to wipe the excess off.

All done!

Your studio space and your piece will smell and look amazing! The process doesn't take long at all! I keep a small tin of butta in each scent and refill as needed from the large can :) This process will work on the inside shelving of buffets, china hutches, etc.

To recap:

Color Formula/Products for Refinishing/Restoring drawers/furniture insides:

-Finishing Pad

-Big Momma's Butta in your choice: Uncented, Orange Grove or Suzanne's Garden

-No Pain Gel Stain, I usually use Walnut or Colonial Black

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do earn a small commission when you use them**


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