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Faux Fireplace Makeover

This faux fireplace makeover is a simple, elegant and boho style finish that I used to match my new bedding in my bedroom! I decided to go with a glam, yet boho vibe in the entire room. The fireplace had been previously painted to match my old decor, so naturally, I jumped at the opportunity to update it.

Here's where we are going....

To start, I went ahead and applied BOSS to cover up the deep red that was painted on there previously. I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to do with it at that point, so I used gray boss. Once I started in with the Cotton, I decided to paint the whole thing white! What?!?!

I knew she would need a little something "extra" I checked my Woodubend stash and found some moldings to add. Now, I knew I had a white fireplace and some Woodubend moldings...what next?

Since I wanted a glam-y, yet boho look, I wanted to "grunge" her out...but not with your typical brown or black. Hello Turquoise! I've been dying to use the Temptress Voodoo Gel Stain so I grabbed it and ran to my room, threw it on my bedding praying that it matched...and it did! YAAS!

Now we were getting somewhere... In order to keep with the glam side of things, I decided to stain my Woodubend moldings first and then apply. Did you know you could do that?? You totally can!

While my Woodubend dried, I started in with the "grunge" of the Voodoo Gel Stain. Now, you can always use Easy Peasy Spray Wax before you go in with your Voodoo for more control of the stain, but I did not. I wasn't after crisp, clean lines so I didn't care if it smeared a little here and there. I just applied the Temptress with a French Tip Brush getting in alllll the crevices and then wiped back with a baby wipe haphazardly. Even with no Easy Peasy, it wiped back like a dream.

Now to add the can watch how I did this in the YouTube Video below, but in heat up your Woodubend with a hair dryer, heat gun or even a griddle until it becomes bendable (careful of your paint or stain). Add some wood glue to the back and spread it around with your finger or a brush. Titebond is great to use and is available on the Dixie Belle Link I provide. Make sure every tiny square mm is covered. Heat up a bit more and then place on your piece. With moderate pressure, press the molding into place making sure to get the edges down. You can heat the Woodubend some more while it's on your piece and press down even more. Your glue will squeeze out of the edges and that's ok! Simply wipe with a wet rag or baby wipe or you can grab a wet artist brush to clean it up. Sometimes, you may miss a spot or two...grab a toothpick and gently pull those pieces out before the glue dries completely.

As I stood back and looked at her, I decided to add more Woodubend to the side columns, but also...she needed some shimmer! I grabbed my Gemstone Mousse in Diamond and rubbed a thin layer over the Woodubend with my finger. I loved it so much, I decided to put the Gemstone Mousse all over the top and the bottom strip! I was in love!

Let your Gemstone Mousses dry completely for at least 4 hours. Then you can buff with a soft cloth. Once all my mousse areas were dry and buffed, I sealed with Clear Coat Gloss. For the top, I added an extra layer of Gator Hide!

And just like that, she's done!

To recap:

Dixie Belle Products for the piece:

-White Lightning

-Gray Boss


-Voodoo Gel Stain - Temptress

-Woodubend Moldings 2181 & 1361

-Gemstone Mousse - Diamond

-Clear Coat Gloss

-Gator Hide

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

Full YouTube Video for you here:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do

earn a small commission when you use it. This is not a paid promotion of any sort**

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JPo, The Purple Posie
JPo, The Purple Posie
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Paula Campbell
Paula Campbell
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Beautiful oh my!!!!!

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