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Boho Blending, How To Paint a Boho Blend, Mid Century Modern Desser, How To Paint Boho Dresser

I love Mid Century Modern pieces of furniture and don't get my hands on them often, but rather than going with a smooth, sleek finish on it (which is what I like to do and see on MCM pieces), I decided to boho her out, #boholikejpo style!

She came to me with a very pink, textured finish. To prep, I cleaned well with White Lightning and rinsed with vinegar water. I took a sanding sponge to the areas where it looked like the paint was chipping to sand it smooth. The colors I used to create this boho ombre' are, in this order from top to bottom:

Colonel Mustard

Rusty Nail

In the Navy


I will link the how-to video below so you can see how I got to this point!

Now on to the sides.....

To tackle the sides, I dropped down to 2 colors; In the Navy and Caviar, and blended vertically, not paying too close attention to the blend. I wanted it funky and just wanted the weight of the caviar at the bottom.

While the sides dried (2 coats on each side) I worked on the hardware. I cleaned the hardware well with dishsoap and an old, soft bristled toothbrush. Once dry, I applied one coat of Prime Start to all the hardware. Once that dried, I applied 2 coats of the Patina Paint.

The hardware is original to the piece and I absolutely loved them! I originally was going to leave them alone and let the tarnished, cool hardware offset the new and modern paint finish....but my mind kept going back to the sides...and those, um, "interesting" legs on the piece. Rather than pulling the wood off and adding some vintage feet, I decided to embrace them and make them look like the hardware!

Cool, right?!

To seal, I used 2 applications of Clear Coat Flat on the body. I finished the top with straight Caviar and sealed the top with one coat of Clear Coat Flat and then 2 coats of Gator Hide!

Boom, all done!

To recap:

Color Formula/Products for the entire piece:

-White lightning

-Sanding Sponge

-Continuous fine mist spray water bottle (for blending)

-Colonel Mustard

-Rusty Nail

-In the Navy


-Prime start (hardware)

-Patina paint in Bronze (hardware and legs)

-Clear Coat Flat (Body)

-Gator Hide (top)

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

WATCH The Boho Blending Video Here:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do earn a small commission when you use them**


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