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Furniture makeover with Moonshine Metallics and the Belle's and Whistles Transfers and Decoupage

Learn how to use Dixie Belle Paint products on an entry table makeover using Moonshine Metallics, Silk All-In-One Mineral Paint and the Belles and Whistles Transfers and Decoupage Paper!

Here's where we are going....

First, I prepped the piece by scrubbing with White Lightning and a Finishing Pad. After using White Lightning, you'll need to rinse your piece well. I use a 50/50 ratio of white distilled vinegar and water mixture. I keep both of those in my Fine Mist Water Bottle.

On to colors...I knew I wanted a bright piece. This table is small, but I wanted to really pack a punch with it! So Moonshine Metallics were the way to go! However, I use the Moonshine Metallics a bit differently. I love to create my own colors. So I mixed roughly 40% chalk mineral paint in Daisy with 60% Silver Bullet to create a beautiful, shimmery yellow! I started with a base coat of pure Daisy, then 2 coats of my custom Metallic Daisy.

Once my paint was good and dry, I decided to add one of the newly released Belles and Whistles Transfer in Boho Soul and pulled some of the blue from transfer to the top of the piece using the Silk All-in-One Paint in Harbor.

Now, I LOVE feathers...I mean, I have several tattoos of them! So naturally I wanted all the feathers from the Boho Soul Transfer. Well, the ones I hadn't already used somewhere else! I cut out the ones I wanted and placed them on the table. I wanted to really show the amazing capabilities of these transfers, so I had them wrap around the piece AND spill over onto a drawer! To apply the transfers, you simply remove the backing and place it where you'd like. Each transfer will come with a burnishing stick that you'll use to rub the transfer on. You can normally tell when your transfer is adhered by the color of the top plastic sheeting. Carefully lift, starting in one corner to check the adherence. If it's still on the plastic sheeting, no worries! Lay it back down and burnish a little more with your burnishing stick.

This table is extremely light, and it's original state was a very, very rustic-ish vibe. The drawers don't have glides, you can see the drawers from under the's VERY basic. The drawers don't even sit tight in the piece when closed. But I was able to get the transfer over the drawer, paying extra attention to the "breaks" in the transfer. So where there was no wood for the transfer to adhere to, I burnished extra well around so when I pulled the sheeting back, it wouldn't lift from the furniture. Then you simply take a razor blade and "break" the transfer where the drawer meets the frame of the piece. If you've got any straggling pieces from the transfer, simply tuck them in with your finger.

After the transfer is fully on the piece, I'll take my finger and rub over the transfer making sure the edges are down good and then I'll take either a soft rag or the spongy part of a Sanding Sponge to finish burnishing. I probably over burnish....

I scuff sanded the top of the piece with a Rad Pad in medium and added 2 coats of the Silk All-In-One Paint in Harbor, waiting 4 hours between the 1st and the 2nd coat, and then sealed just the top with Gator Hide. There is no need to seal the Silk paint, but I always seal the tops of my pieces....always. And Gator Hide is my go-to!

I was ready to seal the body and went with Clear Coat Gloss so that I didn't take the shimmer away from the Moonshine Metallics! You'll always need to seal in your transfers...any of the clear coats will do!

The drawers were less than appealing on the inside, so I decided to decoupage the bottoms and the outer sides. I used the Blue and Yellow Floral Decoupage paper to do this! For the drawer bottoms, I placed the paper in the drawer then took my finger nail and rubbed on the edges so I knew where to cut (ain't nobody got time for a measuring tape, HA!!). To apply, I took a chip brush and applied Clear Coat Flat and laid the decoupage paper in the drawer. You've got a little work time with the decoupage paper so you can lift and readjust if you need to. Once the decoupage paper was in the right spot, I smoothed it out with my hand then applied one coat of Clear Coat Flat over the top!

The sides of the drawers, I basically used the same process. I creased the decoupage paper over the drawer sides in order to cut them, one coat of Clear Coat Flat, apply the decoupage paper, another coat of Clear Coat Flat. Don't throw away your left over pieces of decoupage never know when you might need a little piece for something!

For the hardware, it was previously painted so I cleaned well with White Lightning, rinsed and then applied a thin coat of the Gemstone Mousse in Amber and let dry for 12 hours...then buffed :) (I do have a couple of drops of Clear Coat Gloss in my mousses to help with curing)

That was all she wrote for this piece...I staged her and she's SO cute!

To recap:

GET ALL THE PRODUCTS to recreate this look on your own piece👇🏻:

YouTube Video on how to apply transfers:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do

earn a small commission when you use it. This is not a paid promotion of any sort**


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