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How to Decoupage Rice Paper and use the Wood Graining Tool for a Boho Cabinet Makeover

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

Learn how to decoupage rice paper with Dixie Belle Paint products and use the wood graining tool for a unique, boho look!

Here's where we are going....

First, I prepped the piece by scrubbing with White Lightning and a Finishing Pad. Once scrubbed clean, I rinsed well with a 50/50 mix of white distilled vinegar and water in my Continuous Fine Mist Water Bottle.

For this piece, I pulled out the entire chalk mineral paint line...just kidding! But I did use a wide variety of colors on this piece! The drawer is painted in a base coat of Florida Orange, with Colonel Mustard and Muscadine Wine blended in. Then it has 2 coats of Black Glaze.

The 2 blue strips on either sides of the doors is Cobalt Blue with a bit of Vintage Duck Egg and Colonel Mustard blended in. Don't worry, I have video showing 99% of the piece being painted and how I blended them in!

The doors are Muscadine Wine with Cobalt Blue blended in to them and the Rice Decoupage Paper in Colorful Tiles in the centers. The bottom skirt is In the Navy with some Colonel Mustard and Peony blended in. The parts of the furniture that sit behind the drawer and doors is Aubergine with Peony blended in. I took the doors off to paint that and then put a quick seal of Best Dang Wax in Clear over it before putting the doors back on. The sides are painted with a base coat of Aubergine with little pops of Peony and Cobalt Blue blended in.

For the rice decoupage inserts, I used Clear Coat Flat as my decoupage medium with a Premium Chip Brush. I placed the paper on the door and then used a putty knife to crease where the paper would need to be cut. After I cut the paper, I applied Clear Coat Flat to the door panel with a Premium Chip Brush and smoothed it out. Typically you'd want to go over your decoupage paper once again over the top with your Clear Coat Flat, but I was unsure of which products I would use to grunge and dirty up the piece, so I waited. And it didn't was just fine days later to go in and grunge.

I eventually decided to apply 2 coats of Black Glaze all over the body of the piece, to tone the colors down a bit and make it look dirty. After everything was good and dry, I took my French Tip Brush and used Gilding Wax in Copper first, then in Black to grunge, focusing on the door frames and hardware areas the most.

The hardware was painted with a coat of Slick Stick and let dry 24 hours, followed by Muscadine Wine, then Gemstone Mousse in Amber. Then I applied the Gilding Wax in Copper to "seal" the Mousse, waited the 12 hours and buffed them out.

For the top, I wanted something soooooo different than what I would typically do, so I decided to bring out the Wood Graining Tool! First I painted the top with Muscadine Wine and sealed with 2 coats of Easy Peasy Spray Wax. For the wood grain, I chose Voodoo Gel Stain in Denim. To use the wood graining tool, you work in sections. Apply the stain or paint with your Premium Chip Brush and then take your wood graining tool and slide it across, rocking back and forth as you do it. You can go over that area as many times as needed until you get the look you're going for! Once I got the top where I wanted it and it was dry, I did 2 coats of Black Glaze on it.

Now, the YouTube video will show the drawer painted one way, but this is how I ended up doing it...

After she was done, I decided I wanted to use the NEW Silkscreen Stencil in Butterflies to add a little something extra. I used Gemstone mouse in Amber and Garnet on the drawer sides, and No Pain Gel Stain in Picklin' White on the insides of the doors! I used a cut piece of the Blue Applicator Sponge to apply the mousse and the stain. I cut them in triangles to make them easier to get in the tiny corners and detailing.

I scrubbed the drawer with vinegar water and a finishing pad to clean. The drawer had a couple of unsightly markings in them, so I took some of the left-over Colorful Tiles Decoupage paper and covered them up. This time I used Gator Hide as my medium for a more translucent look on the white areas. It was obvious where the Gator Hide is applied, so when I went over the top of the decoupage paper to seal them in with my Premium Chip Brush, I did a quick coat of Gator Hide over the entire drawer bottom so it was not noticeable.

I sealed the entire piece with 2 coats of Gator Hide and she's done! She turned out every bit as cool as I had envisioned :)

To recap:

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Full YouTube Video for you here: Part 1:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do

earn a small commission when you use it. This is not a paid promotion of any sort**


JPo, why do you use colonial Mustard in alot of your blends? I can't see the yellow but I noticed you said you added it alot. What does it do? I'm asking because I'm intrigued.

Replying to

I like yellows because it changes colors nicely. Red and yellow = orange. Yellow and blue = green, etc 🙂


JPo, i absolutely love this piece. It is perfect. Your pieces give me so much inspiration. Thank you

Replying to

Aw thanks girl!

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