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What a month!

Checking in and filling you in!

The last time I left y’all, I had been two weeks into my business full time and I was on a high like no other! I have to say, full transparency here, the last 2.5 weeks have been really, really tough. Don’t get me wrong…business is booming. But we, my husband and I, have been hit hard with some things that have put the stress meter on ultra high. Kids, house, COVID…ALL.THE.THINGS. Now, when it comes to my kids, I won’t go into FULL details, because there are some things that do need to be kept in the family, but we are dealing with some pretty heavy things. I WILL tell y’all that we are currently awaiting on COVID results on Jaxon, who is hundreds of miles away visiting his dad. That is harrrrrd on a momma when her kiddo is sick and can’t be there to nurture him. He’s on week 3, but finally got his taste back, so that’s a good sign. We’ve been trying to get Olivia to get through the night without accidents and I’m happy to report that she has gone 3 nights in a row without an accident! YAY OLIVIA! Daddy is taking her for ice cream, as promised, tonight to celebrate. To Sonic of course, not to a parlor. Chloe is having a really hard time with going on 4 months of staying home and it’s taking a toll on her, just like it is on everyone. This is hard on these kiddos. I hate this so much for everyone, especially the kids…

Last week, we went FIVE days without an air conditioner. FIVE DAYS Y’ALL. Do you know that it was over 100 degrees all five of those days here in Texas?!!?! Not cool… (pun intended). So here comes the unexpected thousands of dollars to replace an AC unit, just 3 weeks into leaving my job. LUCKILY, I had been stashing away my profits for a cushion and we have savings, so we were okay, but man-oh-man….I did NOT want to have to use some of it right off the bat! Here comes that guilt again that I talked about last time. Apparently lightning from a storm that rolled through the night it went out got the compressor. Fun times. My hubby is a genius though. He took a large window unit AC and rigged it up into our fireplace to keep the main living area somewhat comfortable and a smaller unit in the one window we have in the house that it would fit. All our other windows are super narrow. We hung moving blankets to block off the hallways to keep cool air trapped in…it was looking super fancy LOL. Memories that will last us a lifetime for sure that we can look back on and laugh about.

My hubby is a plant manager for a very large natural gas processing plant and they are getting hit with COVID and of course it has both of us a little concerned. He cares about his employees so much, and of course I worry about him. The economy isn’t looking good, and his industry is getting hit hard too. So we are concerned there as well. It’s just so much y’all!

HOWEVER, we keep going forward. We keep pushing. We wake up, we start the day fresh and face whatever life throws at us that day, because it seems as if it’s something new EVERY.SINGLE.DAY almost.

I told y’all I would report on the good, the bad and the ugly! So there ya go! Ha! It’ll get better. Today WILL be a better day and things will start falling back into place.

As always…Work Hard. Make it Happen.

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