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How to Blend Dixie Belle Paint using Bright Colors on a Hand Painted Furniture Makeover

Learn how to blend Dixie Belle Paint with bright colors, distress and age your furniture for a boho paint finish ready for spring!

Here's where we are going....

First, I prepped the piece by scrubbing with White Lightning and a Finishing Pad. There were some deep scratches in the top, so I filled with Dixie Mud and once dry, sanded smooth with a sanding sponge. When sanding your Dixie Mud, make sure your hand is flat on the Sanding Sponge as you lightly sand smooth.

After you've wiped up or vacuumed your powder, you're ready to paint! I started with a base coat of Rebel Yellow using the Scarlet Brush. Once dry, I worked in sections to complete the ombre' styled look and switched to my Flat Mini Brush. I had my vinegar water ready to go for this finish and my Flat Mini. A 50/50 mix of white distilled vinegar and water is what I use and keep it in my Fine Mist Bottle. I started with Rebel Yellow at the top, came down midway through the first drawer and then blended in some Colonel Mustard starting where I had left off with the previous color. Before I blended in my next color, I misted the wet paint lightly with my vinegar water mixture in my Water Bottle. Then I came in with Kudzu, followed by Evergreen and did the same process as before. Next Collards Greens and Coffee Bean until I reached the bottom. While I waited for the paint to dry, I wrapped my Flat Mini Brush in a baby wipe after misting it generously with my vinegar water mixture in my bottle. Once dry, I would then take my Flat Mini brush and dry brush in long strokes, from bottom to top, stopping when I got to the yellows. A how to video on the paint finish is further down!

The video shows more of an arch in each section, but on the second coat, I painted so that it was almost straight across the entire piece.

Now for the top! I decided to do a slight boho blend on the top using the Rebel Yellow and Colonel Mustard. Starting with a solid base of Rebel Yellow, I misted the top generously with just water in my Fine Mist Bottle, and then added streaks of the Colonel Mustard in random areas. Then I took my Scarlet Brush and went back and forth across the top to blend the Colonel Mustard into the Rebel Yellow.

Once dry, I did my Faux Distressing technique over the entire piece, including the top, with my 2" beveled putty knife. I did this with Coffee Bean. You simply add a small amount of Coffee Bean across the beveled area of the putty knife then tap or run the putty knife across the piece in the direction you want your distressing until there is no more paint. It will sound like you are scraping the paint off of your piece. Don't panic! As long as you prepped well, your paint is stuck to your piece and won't go anywhere! Again, use the BEVELED side! See how...

Here's what the entire piece looks like after faux distressing in Coffee Bean.

Ready to seal! On the body, I applied 2 coats of the Clear Coat Flat with a Flat Large Brush. On the top, I applied 2 coats of Gator Hide with an Applicator Pad.

Now on to the hardware. I boiled my hardware for about 10-15 minutes to clean them. Once cooled, I took a wet rag and wiped off any excess dirt or grime in the crevices that there might be. After completely dry, I applied Gilding Wax in Silver with an artist brush. Now, typically you'd wait 12 hours to buff your Gilding Wax, but I buffed about 6-8 hours later to remove some of the Gilding Wax to let the original hardware color show just a bit for a more worn look

Put your hardware back on an you're done! Tadaaaaaa!

To recap:

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Full YouTube Video for you here:

**The Dixie Belle Product link is an affiliate link and I do

earn a small commission when you use it. This is not a paid promotion of any sort**


Cheryl Atkinson
Cheryl Atkinson
Apr 04, 2021

JPo, your blog has really improved. It has always been informative but now you have added little snips of video. I love this piece and maybe someday I will be able to try this. Are you still living in West Texas? I know you said you were moving. I hope that things are going well for you and your family. One last question, when and wy do you use the vinegar and water and then when do you just use plain water? Thank you so much!!

Jennifer JPo Posey
Jennifer JPo Posey
Apr 05, 2021
Replying to

Thanks! I'll still be in west Texas...moving to Abilene. I usually use Vinegar Water if I'm going for a dirty, messy, rustic...imperfect look. When I want a smooth classy blend, finish, etc is when I use just regular water :)

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