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DIY Furniture Flip | Farmhouse Stools using Dixie Belle Transfers and Chalk Mineral Painted Fabric

See how to paint two types of fabric and use transfers on Farmhouse Stools with the Magnolia Garden Transfer from the Belles and Whistles line from Dixie Belle!

Here's where we are going....

Furniture Flip for Beginners

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And here's where we are starting....

First I removed the seats to both stools to make painting both the frames and the seats easier to paint. I worked on the stool frames first. I started by cleaning well with White Lighting and scrubbing with a Finishing Pad. I wiped dry and then rinsed with a 50/50 vinegar water mix and wiped dry again. These pieces were very old, very dirty and I knew they would bleed, so I did two coats of White Boss before painting.

The first stool, I used Cotton on the frame. With the stool being so old, there were a ton of dents and scratches and imperfections but I left them...that's part of the history and character of the piece! Before sealing with Gator Hide, I applied pieces of the Magnolia Garden transfer on the front and back. After burnishing the transfer on with the transfer stick, I burnish it again with my fingers or the spongy part of a sanding sponge.

As this stool dried, I moved on to the smaller one. I painted this one in Caviar and added the Magnolia Transfer to it as well. Now, we all know that dark colors, especially black can be tricky to seal and the easiest way to seal is with Hemp Oil. However, since I was using transfers, that was not an option. My trick to a streak free seal on Caviar, is to first apply a coat of Black Glaze. Here you can see the difference it makes.; the leg has glaze and the top portion does not The glaze gives the paint an initial seal so it doesn't soak up the Gator Hide unevenly. I also applied the large sheet from the Magnolia Garden Transfer on the inside of the stool, and small transfer on the front. Not shown are some small twigs on the back of the stool going up the legs on to the seat. To get rid of the harsh, straight lines, I painted Caviar over the edges, giving it a grungy look and sealed with Gator Hide.

Now on to the seats/fabric. Did you know you can BOSS your fabric?! You totally can! For the white stool, the fabric was a satin type of fabric that was a deep beige/tan color. The seat/fabric for the black stool was a deep green color. On the satin fabric, I used White Boss and on the green fabric I used Gray Boss.

No matter what you're using on fabric, you'll need to sand in between coats. So I would apply a coat of Boss, let dry, sand with a sanding sponge, remove the dust, Boss again, let dry, sand, Paint with Chalk Mineral Paint, let dry, sand, Paint, let dry, sand then seal. So for the Caviar colored seat, I used Best Dang Wax in Clear. For the Cotton colored seat, I sealed with Best Dang Wax in White. I rubbed the wax in real good with a La Petite brush to ensure it was covered well, in all the crevices and had enough to soak into the fabric. I let the wax sit on the fabric for about 10-15 minutes, then wiped back completely with an Applicator Pad. Both were velvety smooth!

When painting your fabric, whether you're going straight in with paint, or painting over a BOSSed fabric, you're going to want to have a water bottle handy. I mist my fabric and start with a wet brush. Load your brush up real good and start swirling it on, misting as needed as you go to get the best coverage. This was just one coat of Cotton and the coverage was amazing. I did two coats for little spots missed.

That's all there is to it! My client was blown away at the transformation! It's amazing what Dixie Belle Products can do for you to transform a piece and the Belles and Whistles line of Transfers help even more!

Farmhouse Furniture Flip

DIY Farmhouse Furniture

Remember what we started with...

You can watch the two, full lives on these stools here:

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